Perfectly Preschool

Cookie Cutter Art


  • Seasonal Cookie Cutters
  • Paint On A Sponge
  • Cardboard Squares
  • Foil
  • Tape


Help your class make their very own cookie sheets by wrapping and taping foil around their cardboard squares. Once everyone has a cookie sheet dip cookie cutters onto a sponge full of paint and then onto cookie sheets. When your children are finished it will look like they have a cookie sheet full of cookies.

Feed the Cookie Monster
Make a large cookie monster with the mouth cutout then play 'Pin the cookie on the cookie monster'

Jelly Beans in the Jar
Jelly beans in the jar I see
(hold up all fingers)
There’re five for Jenni and five for me
(Hold up one hand at a time)
We jump each time we put one in:
One (jump), Two (jump), Three (jump), Four (jump), Five (jump)
One (jump), Two (jump), Three (jump), Four (jump), Five (jump)

Cookie Recipe Book


Create a recipe book for your class with the help of your children. Ask each child to think of their favorite homemeade cookie and to draw a picture of it on a square of paper. As your children are drawing their cookies and throughout the day go to ask child and ask them for the name of theri cookie and set by set directions for making it. Write down exactly what they are saying onto a sheet of paper (leaving the top half blank.) After you have collected all of the recipes attach each child's cookie picture to the top half of their recipe sheet, creat a cover, laminate the pages, and bind them together. Your children will enjoying looking at the book and their parents will love reading it. This is a great book to send home in the snack bag.

Sam's Cookie

Barbro Lindgren, Eva Eriksson