Perfectly Preschool

Gingerbread Math


Attach foam Gingerbread men to large cookie sheets. Write a number under each gingerbread man and have your children place that many objects (buttons, cherrios, ribbons, etc) onto the man.

Air Popping Corn
Put a table cloth or butcher paper on the floor. Put an popcorn air popper in the middle without the lid let you children watch the popcorn pop and spread out. Then let your children sort the popcorn into stacks of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 pieces of popcorn

Feed the Cookie Monster
Make a large cookie monster with the mouth cutout then play 'Pin the cookie on the cookie monster'

Cookie Bingo
Use a round piece of brown paper for the bingo board. Use black paper to make chocolate chip chips. Time to Play BINGO!

Exploring Popcorn

Bring in popcorn in different states:

  1. Still on the Ear (look for it at a specialty grocery store)
  2. Unpopped Kernels
  3. Popped Kernels
Let your children see the differences! Talk about different ways to pop popcorn (hot air popper, stove top, microwave, etc)