Perfectly Preschool

Turkey Handprints
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Sharpie
  • Cardstock
What to do
  • Paint the palm of your child’s hand and thumb brown. Paint each finger a different color and stamp it onto a piece of cardstock folded in half. Once the paint has dried add an eye to the thumb. These prints make a great turkey and thanksgiving card.

Fine Feather Counting
To make a game board, glue construction paper shapes onto a poster board to make a turkey without feathers (leave the top of the turkey unglued so feathers can slide in) also cut out at least 12 construction paper feathers. To play- one child roles a large die and then puts the numbers of feathers on his turkey game board. The partners take turns in this manner until the feathers are all gone.

Did You Ever See a turkey
(to the tune of “Did you ever see a lassie”)
Did you ever see a turkey, a turkey, a turkey
As he struts around the farmyard with feathers so bright?

With red ones and brown ones and yellow ones and orange ones,
Did you ever see a turkey with feathers so bright?

*Reinforce color recognition with this song. In advance, cut out a class supply of red, brown, yellow, and orange construction paper feathers. Give each child one feather. As the class sings the song have each child hold up his feather when the color is mentioned.

Pin the feather on the turkey
Draw a picture of a featherless turkey on a large piece of poster board. Attach the picture to a wall. Put loops of masking tape (sticky sides out) on the backs of paper feathers and place the feathers on a table close to the turkey picture. Have the children take turns choosing a feather from the table and then closing their eyes while they try to "pin" the feather on the turkey.

Thanksgiving is Here

Diane Goode