Perfectly Preschool

Popcorn Study
Pour unpopped popcorn into four different Ziploc gallon bags. Squirt a different color of paint into each bag. Have your children take turns squishing the popcorn and paint together in the bag. Once the popcorn is coated, lay it out to dry. While you wait for the popcorn to dry ask your children if they think the popcorn will stay colored once you pop it. Once the popcorn is dry pour it into an air popper and watch and see what happens. The popcorn will pop out fluffy white. You can use this popcorn for art or to fill your sensory table.

Fine Feather Counting
To make a game board, glue construction paper shapes onto a poster board to make a turkey without feathers (leave the top of the turkey unglued so feathers can slide in) also cut out at least 12 construction paper feathers. To play- one child roles a large die and then puts the numbers of feathers on his turkey game board. The partners take turns in this manner until the feathers are all gone.

Turkey Felt board
Cut five turkey body shapes and fifteen feather shapes out of felt. Number the turkey shapes from 1 to 5 and put them on a flannel board. Place the feather shapes in a pile. To play the game, have the children take turns selecting a turkey identifying the number on it and adding that many feathers to it.

Make Butter
Talk about how Pilgrims and Indians din not have a grocery store to buy butter. They made it from the cream that came from milking the cows. Give each child a baby food jar filled half full with whipping cream. Have them shake it until butter forms. Spread the butter on corn bread.

Macaroni Stringing
Dye macaroni and have your children string them onto a cord with colored pieces of paper, and beads to make a Thanksgiving day necklace. Encourage your children to form patterns to increase math skills.