Perfectly Preschool

Thanksgiving Drums
Use oatmeal tubs, one for each child. Cover the outside of the container with tan paper and have your children decorate with paint and feathers.

Pin the feather on the turkey
Draw a picture of a featherless turkey on a large piece of poster board. Attach the picture to a wall. Put loops of masking tape (sticky sides out) on the backs of paper feathers and place the feathers on a table close to the turkey picture. Have the children take turns choosing a feather from the table and then closing their eyes while they try to "pin" the feather on the turkey.

Set out two large brown sheets of bulletin board paper. Have your children paint eh paper with paint brushes and stamps. Once the paint has dried wrap the paper around pvc pipes to form a teepee and cut two slits to make a door. Place some books about Thanksgiving in the Teepee to create a new reading area.

Gravy Table
Fill your water table with warm water, ladles, turkey basters, measuring cups, bowls, etc. Have your children stir, mix and cook the gravy (you can also die the water brown with bath tub tints for an added effect)

Thankful Turkey
Cut out and attach a featherless turkey to your bulleting board or classroom door. Cut out a feather for each child. Ask each child what he is thankful for and write it on the feather ex. (Johnny is Thankful for his new sister.) Attach the feathers to the Turkey and write over it “Our class is Thankful for…”