Perfectly Preschool

Bean Bag Toss
Toss a bean bag from hand to hand while chanting this verse; I have a good friend a good friend a good friend, I have a good friend and their name is ________. Then toss the beanbag to that child. Have the child toss it back to you. Do this until every child has had their name called.

Friendship Musical Movement
Put stickers on all of your children, have them dance around with music until you stop the music. At that point they have to find their friend with the matching sticker.

Friendship Cookies
Cut sugar cookies in the shape of a heart. Cut the Hear and half and give each child both sides. Have them share one half with a friend or they can take it home and share it with their parents.

My Preschool Friends Book
Send a friendship sheet home with each child for the parent to fill out. On the sheet ask the following questions: favorite food, family members, favorite toy, favorite book, and favorite thing to do as a family. Ask the parents to fill out the sheet and send it back with a picture of their child attached to the center. Once you have received all of the sheets laminate them and bind them all together. Let your children take turns taking the book home to share with their family.

Friendly Letter
Set out paper, stickers, envelopes, and pencils. Help your children write letters to their friends and place them in their cubbies. Make sure everyone gets a friendly letter