Perfectly Preschool

Marble Cow
  • Construction Paper
  • Crayons/Markers
  • Paint (and perhaps sponges for painting)
  • Leaves, Twigs, and,Grass
  • Safety Scissors
  • Glue
  • Precut cow shapes on white construction paper and then, using black paint, have the children marble paint the cow. You can then paiste the cow on paper and have the children use the other supplies to make a barn

Milk a Cow
Talk to your children about where milk comes from. Then fill a latex glove full of milk and poke small holes in one or two of the fingers. Now the children can see how it is to really milk a cow.

Ho Down
The barnyard dance is about to begin
Hitch up your pants and jump right in (grab belt loops)
Husk the corn (making husking motion)
Feed the chickens (act like scattering grain)
Crow with the rooster in the early morn
Bow to your partner (bow)
Wave hello (wave)
Clap your hands and tap your toe (Tap Your feet)
Pick the apples (bend down)
Milk the cow (making milking motion)
Hoe the weeds and push the plow
The barnyard dance has come to an end
Kick up your heels and start again

Gingerbread Barn
Instead of a gingerbread house make a gingerbread barn. You can even add grass and animals.

Farm Animals

Phoebe Dunn